Leadership Coaching


Water professionals who have specific leadership development goals who could use the support of a coach to help accelerate those goals into action.

Experience Overview

One-on-one coaching is designed to power individual leadership potential and maximize skills through a structured and laser-focused process around timely and relevant development goals. Leadership coaching is a 12-month engagement that involves monthly one-hour virtual conversations with a selected coach. The engagement will be supported by personal assessment data and the participant’s desired leadership goals. Three of the 12 meetings will involve an executive sponsor from the participant’s organization. The executive sponsor will serve as an internal support system to help the participant’s goals come to life through practical application and shared opportunities.

Outlined Schedule

Month 1

Complete DiSC Work of Leaders assessment
90-minute orientation (coach, coachee, and executive sponsor)

Month 2

90-minute initial one-on-one monthly coaching session (coach and coachee)
30-minute one-on-one call with executive sponsor (coach and executive sponsor)

Month 3

90-minute one-on-one monthly coaching session. Executive sponsor will be invited to the first 30 minutes of this month’s call to ensure goal alignment (coach, coachee, executive sponsor)

Months 4-6

Monthly, one-hour, one-on-one coaching calls (coach and coachee)

Month 7

One-hour progress check-in discussion (coach, coachee, and executive sponsor)

Months 8-11

Monthly, one-hour, one-on-one coaching calls (coach and coachee)

Month 12

One-hour closeout & next steps discussion (coach, coachee, and executive sponsor)

Expected Outcomes

  • Advanced leadership goals
  • Improved self-awareness
  • Growth in critical thinking skills
  • Powered individual leadership potential


$7,000 per coachee.
Additional pricing discount available if this offering is purchased through a bundle.

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