WSSC Water Consulting Project Feature

Two professionals in a presentation setting

The NACWA member need:

The WSSC Water leadership team was excited to come back together in-person after two long COVID years and identified the need for an engaging summit that would build continued trust among its senior executives and develop the skills necessary to lead high performing teams.

How Core Leadership consulting services were used to help:

The scope of work included the development and facilitation of a two-day summit for about 20 members of the senior leadership team.

Project overview:

Using the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessment, and a leadership team survey, the Core Leadership consultant was able to identify the team’s greatest strengths and areas of needs. With this data serving as a foundation, a two-day summit was crafted that helped participants:

  • Increase their confidence in having difficult conversations.
  • Improve their skills in managing conflict.
  • Build a stronger bond with their colleagues.
  • Improve their skills in building trust.
  • Identify internal and external advocates.
  • Create a plan for implementing agreed upon action items to move the leadership team forward.

The experience was built in collaboration with a planning committee from the utility, with five planning calls built into the scope. The Core Leadership consultant used these calls to customize a meaningful summit, with the committee’s feedback and input at the heart of every decision.

Client testimonial:

Our team had a blast at the summit. The facilitator was phenomenal. The programing and activities were spot-on. We received the best gift from Core Leadership when they sent their experienced facilitator, Jamie, to the summit. That’s a gift our entire team will cherish for years to come.

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