Workforce Development ConnectEd Series

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Human resources, C-Suite and organizational development leaders involved in shaping workforce strategies for the organization.

Program Schedule


$1,395 for NACWA members
$1,595 for non-NACWA members


The enrollment deadline is September 26. Click here to register.

Program Overview

The Workforce Development ConnectEd series is designed to bring water leaders together to discuss the latest trends, challenges and opportunities as they relate to attracting, developing, engaging and retaining their workforce. The 3-part, virtual series will provide a blend of learning material, along with substantial peer-to-peer dialogue and sharing.

Session Descriptions

Session 1: “Clean Water is the Place to Be!” (Topic: Talent Attraction)

We all know that a clean water career is full of meaning, opportunity, and interesting work, now how do we reach potential future employees with that message and make clean water the place to be? This session will focus on talent attraction strategies – those that pull at the heart strings, but also those that appeal to the practical/functional desires and needs of the potential workforce. Dialogue and learning will focus on:

Session 2: “Creating a ‘Sticky’ Workplace” (Topic: Engagement and Retention)

Getting talent in the door is a big first step, but keeping them requires a strategic, long-term commitment. This session will focus on how to keep your talent through “sticky” engagement and retention strategies. How can you create a ‘best place to work’ – a workplace where employees aren’t wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere and are fully committed to their work within your organization? Dialogue and learning will focus on:

Session 3: “Never Stop Growing” (Topic: Learning & Development)

The importance of continuous learning and development can’t be understated for the long-term success of your organization’s operations. Given the pace of change in today’s workplace and the use of emerging technologies, there is never a lack of learning that needs to take place to perform our jobs well. During this final session of the series, dialogue and learning will focus on:

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