Women in Water ConnectEd Series

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Women in the water sector wanting to reset a professional goal and pursue it with a redefined focus and a strong support network.

Program Schedule


$1,395 for NACWA members
$1,595 for non-NACWA members


The enrollment deadline is April 11. Click here to register.

Program Overview

The Women in Water ConnectEd series is designed to bring water professionals together to discuss professional goals that have been pushed aside but are worth pursuing. Now is the time to refocus and hit the ground running. We’ll explore strategies for staying laser-focused on the selected goal while also prioritizing self-care and other competing demands. Finally, we’ll define a support network to hold you accountable and help you cross the finish line.

Session Descriptions

Session 1: Permission to be Brilliant (Topic: Confidence)

About 50 percent of women lose their confidence and doubt their performance at some point in their careers. There is an inner critic that can cause women to focus on what they can’t do instead of what they can. They tend to hold back, silence their voice, find personal doubt, not go for the job, etc. In this session, women will earn a permission slip to be brilliant. We’ll discuss strategies to manage the inner critic and pursue a goal with confidence.

Participant Take-aways:

Session 2: Empower You (Topic: Self-care and Prioritization)

The to-do list is long, the priorities are many and time for yourself is always pushed aside. Women are often in search of balance, but the real focus should be satisfaction. In this session, we’ll explore your personal and professional level of satisfaction as well as self-care strategies to re-energize yourself and stay focused on what you deem most important.

Participant Take-aways:

Session 3: Women Investing in Women (Topic: Mentoring and Advocacy)

Women with sponsors or mentors are more likely to ask for stretch assignments and pay raises than women without mentors or sponsors. The support of others is invaluable, yet women don’t always offer support or seek it out. No matter where you are in your career, you have the need for a mentor and an advocate. You also have the ability to serve as a mentor and an advocate. In this session, we’ll discuss how to get and give the ongoing support needed to help you and other women thrive.

Participant Take-aways:

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