Strategic Leader Training Program


Rising strategy leaders who can benefit from shifting from tactical to strategic thinking; learning how to influence multiple stakeholders and gaining greater exposure to executive leaders and better understanding their priorities.

Outlined Schedule

January 2025:

Part 1: 90-minute virtual orientation program

February 2025:

Part 2: Full-day in-person workshop at the NACWA Winter Conference. Date & Location TBD

March 2025:

Part 3: 2-hour virtual small group coaching session


$1,350 + Travel/lodging expenses and optional conference registration fee* for Part 2 of this training series. ($1,550 + travel expenses for non-NACWA members)

*Staying for the full NACWA winter conference is not mandatory, however strongly encouraged for additional learning and networking opportunities. Conference registration for those enrolled in this pre-conference workshop will be offered at a reduced rate.

Enrollment Deadline

Enrollment for the strategic leader training is open until January 8, 2025. If you choose to stay for the full NACWA Winter Conference, there will be a separate registration form sent to you via email to complete (versus registering on the conference website). The discounted rate will be noted on the emailed registration form. However, you will book your hotel room via the conference website.

Experience Overview

This training is a dynamic 3-part experience for clean water professionals transitioning into a higher-level strategic, executive role at their agency. A successful strategic executive views the entire organization as co-dependent parts working toward shared goals. To be a strategic leader, you must think more holistically, using both a short and long-term lens, and draw upon the past to understand the present which helps shape the future. This training is designed to support holistic thinking.

Expected Outcomes

  • Learned methods in all 4 components of the “Strategic Leader Shift Model,” which include: Thinking & Mindset, People & Culture, Relationship Management and Leadership Wisdom.
  • Exploration of your personal leadership presence and your relationships with various stakeholders as a rising executive leader.
  • Gained tools and resources to apply back on the job.
  • Stronger professional network with other strategic clean water leaders.

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