MWRA Consulting Project Feature

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The NACWA member need:

As part of its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program and recruitment and retention efforts, MWRA wanted an internal mentoring program that would enhance employee engagement, provide professional and leadership development and assist with knowledge transfer.

How Core Leadership consulting services were used to help:

The scope of work included developing a mentoring program structure and materials; facilitating virtual and live sessions, drafting and distributing internal communications about the program; and assisting with program administration and execution.

Project overview:

After a kick-off meeting with MWRA to identify program goals, needs and a desired timeline for the mentoring program, the Core Leadership consultants developed a mentoring program and structure that included:

  • Four virtual information sessions to explain and recruit participants in the mentoring program.
  • One virtual orientation program for mentors and mentees.
  • One in-person networking event to kick off the program and introduce mentees to possible mentors.
  • Pairing of mentors and mentees based on expressed interest after the networking event.
  • Monthly messages to mentors and mentees with tips for their monthly meetings.
  • Two virtual mid-point group sessions to check in on progress and answer any questions.
  • One in-person close out session to celebrate the year’s engagements and progress with participants.

In addition to the programming elements, Core Leadership consultants developed program materials for participants to use such as discussion guides, networking activities and supplemental resources such as articles, books and videos that would help power the engagements between mentors and mentees.

Client testimonial:

Core Leadership, through its collaboration with NACWA, provided MWRA with a unique opportunity to partner with leaders in our industry to develop a much desired, formal internal mentoring program. Core took the time to understand MWRA’s goals and objectives and to familiarize themselves with our organization. As a result, they designed and implemented a comprehensive and very well-received mentoring program for MWRA that will be a “core” part of MWRA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program and its overall professional development efforts. Core’s unique familiarity with our industry and their extensive experience developing mentoring and other similar programs was invaluable to the development of MWRA’s mentoring program.

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