Mastering Communication ConnectEd Series

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Water sector professionals whose education and professional background are largely technical but hold a role that requires strong communication skills.

Program Schedule


$1,395 for NACWA members
$1,595 for non-NACWA members


The enrollment deadline is July 24. Click here to register.

Program Overview

The Mastering Communication ConnectEd series is designed to bring together water professionals who work in a largely technical role but are looking to improve their communication skills. Together, we’ll explore communication styles and tendencies, strategies for connecting with an audience and best practices for delivering impactful presentations.

Session Descriptions

Session 1: Interpersonal Communication

We tend to communicate from a place that is comfortable and connected to our natural wiring. However, the workplace requires us to stretch outside our comfort zone and meet people where they are. In this session, learn about your own communication tendencies, how they are perceived by others and strategies for communicating more effectively with styles that vary from your own.

Participant Take-aways:

Session 2: Intentional Communication

We often spend a lot of time thinking about what we want to say but not much time thinking about how we’re going to say it. In this session, learn the key to connecting with your audience through structured messaging and how communication can be an intentional process.

Participant Take-aways:

Session 3: Building Powerful Presentations

People will quickly decide if your presentation is worth listening to. And you don’t want to lose them with technical jargon, complicated charts, or text-heavy slides. In this session, participants will gain public speaking skills for the workplace and leave ready to ace the next presentation. This course will review the 3 Ps for powerful presentations: people, packaging, and presence.

Participant Take-aways:

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